There are many processes and methods to get better health such as doing physical and mental exercises that are nowadays supported by modern technology, but are not satisfying enough for the people who seek for it. Thus, I would like to introduce the Balinese healing process in purpose to conserve the Balinese ancestors’ unique arts and religious spiritualism.

Several methods that can be used to get better health are described as follows.

BALI WIJAKSARA HEALING is a process of healing that uses some Balinese letters (Wijaksara) as a medium to distribute divine energy (holy prana) to oneself and or other people who are sick. Bali Wijaksara Healing is not only used to heal illnesses, but also to accelerate business, generate positive aura, destroy negative feelings, build positive energy in the environments such as houses, stores, offices and hotels. The media used in conducting Bali Wijaksara Healing are only water, 3 flowers and incense. After that, the patients can sit or lie down comfortably and then the healer will read mantras of Wijaksara, asking for God’s mercy. When it is done, the patients can do relaxation for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is then continued by sprinkling the tirta to the patients as a means of the completion of the process. Good luck! Rahayu, rahayu, rahayu.

DASA PRANA HEALING (Dasa Bayu Healing) is another traditional healing method that uses ten holy letters (aksara) of Bali. The ten letters are closely related to ten manifestations of God, which imply purusa energy (core energy of the universe). Therefore, the healer would ask for the healthiness to the God using the ten letters. Actually, the letters have two different functions described as follows.

  • 1. To save energy or bayu that is related to the God’s privileges consisting of prana, apana, udana, samana, vyana, and vayu, which are primary and delicate.
  • 2. To gain the energy of bayu that is closely related to one’s power and body movements consisting of naga, kurma, krakara, dewa data, and dananjaya.

Based on Lontar Krakah Modre, the connection between dasa aksara (ten holy letters) and dasa bayu(ten energies) is associated to ones’ movements, characteristics and environments that are explained as follows.

Ongkara=prana= mouth, nose, skull
Ingkara=apana= genitals and rectum
Angkara=samana= heart, kidney, spleen
Ksangkara=udana= throat, head, fontanel
Mangkara=vyana= joints, body movements
Rangkara=kurma=central vibration, shivers, muscle strain, veins tension
Wangkara=krakara= navel, sneeze, fart
Yangkara=dewa data= yawn
Ungkara=dananjaya= voice

In addition, the healing process using Dasa Prana Healing is portrayed as follows.
Firstly, the patients may lie down comfortably, the healer then conduct the therapy by touching several body parts of the patients which are needed to be healed, for instance the patients’ joints. The therapy is done for about 10 to 20 minutes. Secondly, the process is repeated similarly with the first step but the patients need to lie of their stomach. After that, the patient may take some rest to get better soon.

# helps to unite Panca Maya Kosa from any damages and give extra energy so that one would not easily feel exhausted.
# helps to heal traumatic illnesses.
# helps to control stress and mental depression.
# generates self-realization so that one can feel comfort, happy and confidence.
# guide the children to have better personality.
# helps to avoid black magic.


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