There are so many kinds of Japa Mala that used to pray and meditate such as made of:
» GENETRI or Pudraksa that is believed to be created by God Siva’s tear.
» JAPA MALA is made from Tulasi wood which is believed as the form of God Krsna’s servant or his sakti.
» CENDANA WOOD is often used by spiritualists who admire Mother Gayatri and also the odor of the wood influences the meditation to be more peaceful.
» LOTUS SEEDS make ones who meditate to feel the beauty of Lotus itself especially when it blossoms.
» Stones, gold, reed leaves, crystal and many more on earth can be used as Japa Mala.

All kinds of Japa Mala that have mentioned previously are commonly known by most of people. Well, as a Svami of Yoga Ganapati ashram, I would like to introduce another interesting kind of Japa Mala so-called JAPA USADA. JAPA USADA is made from Dadap wood. It is also known as Magical Wood (kayu Sakti) in Bali since Balinese ancestors placed the wood in a preferential state. Even though many people do not know the exact reason but the beliefs of Dadap wood merits still remains.

Here is a glimpse of the history of Dadap wood as a magical wood or Kayu Sakti in Bali. Long time ago, Sang Wiku Maha Rsi Kuturan wanted to heal ones’ illnesses. Thus, the Wiku meditated in a cemetery. It is said that Sang Hyang Burawi who is better known as Nini Bagawati, the mother of the universe, fulfilled the willingness of Sang Wiku by turning herself into Dadap wood. The Dadap wood then used by Sang Wiku as a tool to heal people’s illnesses and also to reach the highest objective in life namely Moksah. There have been many kinds of potions that are made from Dadap wood itself. Furthermore, the Dadap wood is also used in any religious rituals in Bali since it is believed as a tool to purify oneself. In a nutshell, Dadap wood has special functions that make it famous for being magical wood or Kayu Sakti in Bali.


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