The tradition of Melukat is a ritual of bathing with such a holy water, in purpose to cleanse and heal any illnesses, physical or mental problems. More broadly, Melukat ritual can also be done by ones who often have bad luck or such kinds. Another purpose of Melukat ritual is to ask for God’s shelter so that one would not face any inconvenience in life.

The point is that the ritual of Melukat is addressed to the almighty God and or His manifestation. It can be done by any religion, depending on individuals’ beliefs. In Bali, for instance, Melukat is conducted due to the people willingness to cleanse themselves spiritually before worshipping the almighty God and asking for safety, health, etc.

This ritual is commonly conducted by the spiritualists in Bali such as Pandita, Pinandita, Yogi, and Shamans. For some cases, ones can also conduct Melukat on their own. Melukat ritual can be done at Tirta Empul Temple in Tampaksiring, waterfalls, holy pools, lakes, beaches, mountains, etc. As mentioned previously, people often ask for cleansing themselves spiritually so that they will feel better in worshipping the almighty God and able to seek for security from the God himself. In addition, in order to conduct Melukat ritual, ones may need some media such as holy water (Tirta) and a complete set of Banten Daksina Pejati (samsam of katima leaves, a duck with a yellow bamboo color and some rerajahan of Bhatara Gana).

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