There is a uniqueness to predict a name that can be felt by people in personal-tellers. WHY ??

There is a uniqueness of telling fortune based on someone’s name. Ones can also feel it. Why?

Name is an important thing for us, which shows our identity and influences our life. Speaking about name, right now I am (as a Svami) going to foresee a name, telling its meanings and its secrecy so that will be able to help you to make decision, to know you characteristics, lucks, etc. I can also help you to choose a good name with its good meaning for your baby in the future. Logically, it is just a prophecy but most elderly still believe in a good day, fortune or luck. Most people still try to find a good day to hold an event like marriage. They also believe in the prophecy of soul mate and personality. Even more, they can do bad things such as hurting other people by knowing their name. However, we only talk about meanings and fortunes of a name in here. Thus, do you interested to know the meaning and fortune of your name? Then, how does your name influence your life? CONTACT US or pay a visit at Yoga Ganapati ashram in Banjar Sayan Agung, Bongkasa.

Here are some details of information that I (as a Svami) can give:

# daily nature
# daily health
# business/occupation
# family relationship
# fortune
# relationship problem
# youraura/charisma
Therefore, I welcome all of you at Yoga Ganapati ashram, Banjar Sayan Agung, Bongkasa village. You can only tell your name to me (Svami), then I can tell your fortune and any problems in your life will possibly be solved. GOOD LUCK! CONTACT US.
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