The presence of the almighty God in one’s life is a kind of deepest and supreme desire. It is similar to the existence of a holy light in one of central powers within human being, which also exists within the writer. It gradually evolves, goes through and demolishes each barrier of the sanctity power. In here, the writer wants ones to reach the path of self-realization by learning and following the awakenings and illumination journeys in order to reach the ocean of sanctity and spiritual knowledge. The writer was born on December 31st 1979 in a peasant family. The writer has four brothers and one sister. There were many problems that the writer faced in a poor condition.

When the writer was in 3rd grade of elementary school in SD Negeri 1 Bongkasa, the writer could feel the sign of a spiritual flame that came up within the writer. It made the writer often possessed a kind of supernatural spirit. Furthermore, the writer was paralyzed and tried to get alternative treatments from several shamans in Bali. Few years after the illnesses, the writer get recovered and graduated from the elementary school. Due to the economy condition of the writer’s family, the writer couldn’t continue to study in junior high school. However, the writer really wanted to study so the writer decided to make money by taking any job that the writer could take. Finally, the writer was accepted to be a servant in a Chinese family in front of Ubung bus station.

A year later, the writer studied at SMP Kerta Yoga in Campuhan, Ubud. When the writer was in the second grade, the writer moved to Bongkasa and studied at SMPN 1 Pandawa, Banjar Pengembungan, Bongkasa Village.

The writer felt grateful to be graduated from junior high school, regarding to the anomaly in the writer’s life. Besides, the writer also got helped by many spiritualists especially when the writer had paralyzed and memory lost. Started in 1992, the writer keen on learning Yoga and several spiritual lessons. In 2003, the writer enables to master some kinds of Tenung which is like a fortune telling activity, healing some illnesses, and sort of spiritual powers. In 2006 to 2007, the writer was actively participated to be a cadre in ashram Yoga Paramadiguhya, which is owned by Ida Padanda Nabe Gede Made Gunung. Since it wasn’t satisfying enough, the writer continued to build a Yoga community named Yoga Ganapati in 2008 which is located in the writer’s house. The writer is actively teaching Yoga to local people, children and adults, in purpose to conserve Balinese art, culture, and spiritualism. At the moment, the writer also teaches Yoga to foreigners privately by coming to several hotels in Bali.

In 2009, the writer was given supports from another teacher in the form of a holy name that commonly known as Diksa, and also a written acknowledgement as one of the notables Raja Yogi Bali. In fact, this kind of acknowledgement is not only existed in India, that’s a misconception. In 2001, there was Yoga intensive training for 200 hours so-called Radiantly Live Completion of Yoga. In this event, the writer quarantined for 42 days until finally the writer achieved an international standard certificate as a privilege of teaching Yoga. The event was held by the association of the world Yoga instructors in a hotel in Laplapan village, Ubud.

Based on the writer’s experiences, with God’s blessing, this book of Yoga Yadnya is created as a revival of self-realization in which we don’t need to feel small in the lacks of living, but to strengthen our beliefs in the almighty God so that we can reach the highest objectives in life. Here is an advice from the writer to read this book frequently and repeatedly in order to achieve miracles from the God such as health, an absolute self-realization, and to be more open-minded. There are so many Yoga communities with some kinds of developmental systems, even in remote areas. In fact, there are so many ashrams that we can visit to learn and practice Yoga. Instead of health, enlighten our spiritualism; we can also get the chance to do our duty and responsibility such as doing Yajna. In this case, Yoga itself is one of the Yajna that is accepted by the God of Sun named Vivasvana at the very first place. Furthermore, the teaching of Yoga also happened in the Kurukshetra by the God himself: Shri Krsna to Arjuna.

As we have learnt that doing Yajna and Yoga are kinds of real-action based on Dharma, which essentially lead us to eternity, so it will be better to act accordingly. By doing Dharma Yoga in life, we can enhance our life quality to be better and virtuous. Specifically, Yoga itself can be done every time even when we think, we talks, and we do things like Yajna in our life.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

(Dear Almighty God, I hope that every ones in the world can feel peace in mind and soul, be freed from any suffer).